What Is Cardamom? What Are Its Benefits and Uses?


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What Is Cardamom?

Cardamom is a spice that is made from various ginger family plants. The seed pods have a triangular spindle-shaped outer covering.

You can use it for cooking savory and sweet dishes.

It is also mixed with other species as a flavor enhancer.

How Many Types of Elaichi AKA Cardamom Are There?

Cardamom comes in various colors. However, there are two main types.

They are as follows:

The green or true Cardamom: This comes from the plant species known as Elettaria Cardamomum and comes from the ginger family’s perennial plant.

It is also known as Choti Elaichi in Hindi. It is known for its pungent taste and warm aroma.

This Cardamom is mostly used in savories and sweets.

White Cardamom: It is a bleached version of the green one.

It is often referred to as Siam Cardamom.

The bleaching process of the green Cardamom helps to give a pleasant and sweet flavor.

Moreover, menthol dominance is softened due to the bleaching process.

Black Cardamom: The black Cardamom is also called Nepal Cardamom.

It comes from the Amomum subulatum species.

This Cardamom is mostly used in cooking foods like biryani, coconut-based curries, and so on.

The pods are longer and larger than the green ones.

Red Cardamom: It is a version of the black Cardamom.

It is mostly used in Asian and Chinese cuisines.

The pods are an inch long and are known for their warm and bold flavor.

Did You Know?

The pods of green and white are smaller than the black ones.

The green and white Cardamom are mostly found across India and Malaysia.

Both black and red are close relatives of the traditional Cardamom.

The black and red Cardamom are found in areas like Southern Bhutan, West Bengal’s Darjeeling district, Sikkim, Eastern Nepal, and Eastern Himalayas.

Green or True Cardamom
Black Cardamom
Black Cardamom

What Are the Uses or Benefits of Cardamom?

The medicinal and antibacterial properties of Cardamom are beneficial in many ways.

Whether it is in its powder or oil form or even as a whole, having cardamom daily is helpful in many ways.

Here are some of the benefits of Cardamom:

1. Helps to treat medical ailments and problems

Cardamom helps improve overall digestive health, heart health, and is useful as a preventive measure for cancer.

You can also have it to fight mental issues like depression, anxiety, and sleep issues.

2. It is good for the skin and hair

Cardamom is suitable for a person’s skin and hair.

It helps to rejuvenate the skin, promote even skin tone, and take care of blemishes and acne.

You can also use it to treat scalp infections, strengthen the hair, and add shine.

3. Used in foods and drinks

Cardamom is also used to enhance the flavor of various kinds of dishes.

You can mix the powder or the whole seed pod to cook spicy and sweet dishes.

It is also commonly used in various drinks like tea, coffee, milk-based beverages, and so on.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Now that we have understood the various types and uses of Cardamoms, let us address a few commonly asked questions.


What’s the Difference Between Green Cardamom and Black Cardamom?

Green cardamom, also known as True Cardamom, is most commonly found in many general and grocery stores.

The Cardamom seeds grounded from the green-colored pod are known to be the most balanced and vibrant.

India distributes the green-colored Cardamom to as far as Malaysia.

The black cardamom is known to have a smoky flavor.

Although it is considered Cardamom, it is regarded as a close relative of the Cardamom but not Cardamom per se.

The pods are a lot longer and larger.

It is cultivated in Southern Bhutan, West Bengal’s Darjeeling district, Sikkim, Eastern Nepal, and the Himalayas.


How Can You Tell Good Quality Cardamom?

Cardamom is generally categorized and graded, keeping in mind various factors like the clipping, color, unbleached or bleached, the product’s origin, etc.

The grading is considered based on the general guidelines set as per ISO standards.

To check the quality of Cardamom, you would need first to check the color—the greener the pods, the lower the quality.


What Is the Difference Between White and Green Cardamom?

White Cardamom is nothing but a bleached version of the green Cardamom.

And is also known as Siam Cardamom.

The green color is called Elettaria cardamomum and comes in three varieties.


Why Is Black Cardamom So Expensive?

Cardamom is expensive because of manual labor, care given, and time is taken to harvest Cardamom.


What Does Cardamom Taste Like?

The Cardamom flavor is a combination of a menthol-like, fruity, piney taste with a complex aroma.

It can taste slightly astringent if you put too much Cardamom in the food.


Can I Substitute Black Cardamom for Green Cardamom?

No, you cannot substitute the green Cardamom with the black one.

You can choose to leave the option of using Cardamom if you do not have it while cooking.


What Happens if You Eat Too Much, Cardamom?

Eating Cardamom in moderate quantities does not pose any risk.

However, if consumed in large quantities, it can have side effects like developing allergic reactions, especially skin allergy, developing hypersensitivity.

Some people may also develop respiratory issues, shortness of breath, chest pain, uncomfortable or uneasy feeling, throat or chest tightness.

It can also result in gallstone complications and can hamper the drug interactions for patients undergoing treatment on HIV drugs, Antidepressants, medication for irritable bowel syndrome, etc.


What Happens if We Eat Cardamom Daily?

Eating Cardamom every day has various kinds of health benefits.

It helps to take care of digestive issues and relieves acidity.

Cardamom also helps to reduce/ eliminate bad breath.

It is also good for depression, improves blood circulation, improves sexual dysfunction, and body detoxification.


What Is Red Cardamom?

Red Cardamom is different from traditional Cardamom.

It is also known as Chinese black Cardamom or Cao-Guo.

It is mostly used for Vietnamese and Chinese dishes because of its slight smoky and earthy aroma.


Does Cardamom Help You Sleep?

Yes, Cardamom in the oil format does help treat various trigger factors that can affect sleep quality, such as anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia.


What Does Cardamom Smell Like?

The fragrance of Cardamom is a combination that is a bit spicy, nutty, smoky, and earthy-sweet.

It also consists of star anise and fennel as the undertone.

When it is an essential oil, it is very close to a spicy eucalyptus fragrance except for a bit spicier.


Why Is Cardamom Called Queen of Spices?

Popularly called the Queen of Spice, Cardamom is known for its flavoring and medicinal properties.

You can use it in the form of a powder or as a whole by mixing it in your drinks and food.


What Is Unique About the Mysore Quality of Cardamom?

Mysore quality of Cardamom is generally harvested between August and February.

It is more aromatic and has high levels of limonene and cineol.

After it is planted, it takes around two years to reach the yielding stage.


Is Green Cardamom Hot or Cold?

Green Cardamom is one of the species that you can take during the summers.

It helps balance the three doshas or energies of the human body and is also called Tridoshic.

Although it does help cure problems like dry cough, cough, or cold, it is cooling for the body.


Is Cardamom Used in Coffee?

In fact, in many parts of the Middle East and Israel, people drink Cardamom flavored coffee by outing the whole pods into rich and thick coffee.

Some even brew Cardamom and coffee together.


Which Cardamom Is Best for the Skin?

Cardamom is known for its medicinal properties and works wonders for the skin.

It has antibacterial properties that can clear blemishes and heal acne.

It also helps to improve the complexion of the skin and even toning of the skin.


Is Cardamom Good for Weight Loss?

Yes, drinking cardamom water helps to burn belly fat and lose weight.

It also helps to reduce stomach bloating.

Moreover, it even helps to reduce the bulge caused due to fat accumulation around the abdominal region.

You need to ensure that you should balance it with exercise and a proper diet.


Is Cardamom Good for Hair?

The antioxidant properties help to improve and nourish the scalp because of its antioxidant properties.

You can also use it to enhance the strength of your hair and hair follicles.

It also helps to treat various kinds of infections on the scalp.

Moreover, it adds luster and shine and makes your hair look better and a lot stronger.


Can We Eat Cardamom Daily?

Yes, eating Cardamom every day in moderate quantities is good for overall health.

It can also be used to take care of various health, skin, and hair issues.

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