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Pet Grooming Promotes Healthy Pets

Pet grooming is serious business and every pet deserves it!

In the case of a pet dog, getting hold of basic dog-grooming equipment is essential to do the right job. It need not also be an expensive proposition; most equipment and supplies can be got without incurring huge expenditure. While many pet owners depend on professional help, it’s not a difficult proposition; grooming a pet dog at home is a most relaxing and enjoyable experience for both owner and pet.

Choosing the tools and equipment depend largely on the breed of dog. A poodle is different from a hound and a sheepdog is vastly different from the former two breeds. Some equipment can ‘make-do’ but some may not be optional taking into account the dog breed.

hold of basic dog-grooming

At first glance, a basic dog-grooming kit contains the following.

Brush – slicker-brushes are best for a quick brush over but a short-haired dog will need a plastic or wooden curry brush that removes tangles or grime easily without harming the skin

Comb – a fine-toothed comb works best for dogs with thin hair while a wide-tooth helps brush thick hair out

Shampoo and conditioner – a mild, pH-balanced shampoo and conditioner are ideal

Toothpaste and toothbrush – especially made for dogs are best, avoid using human toothpaste

Toe-nail clippers – a good grip clipper helps to cut nails without damaging the soft skin layer

Styptic powder – this helps stops bleeding if toe nails are clipped close to the blood vessels

Otic solution – is the best for cleaning a dog’s ears from dirt, grime and wax.

Cotton, gauze and forceps – these are useful to have to clean eyes and ears using cleansing solution; forceps should be used carefully to remove clogged wax or dirt.

Electric clipper and blades – are ideal to clip a dog’s coat

This equipment can be put together at home into a grooming kit for a pet; most pets require extensive grooming on a monthly basis; brushing the coat is a daily task while brushing teeth can be done weekly.

Many professional pet-grooming services use a wide range of tools and equipment to provide these services. Multi-purpose scissors and shears, bathing systems, grooming tables, drying cages and de-matting tools are part of professional pet grooming services.

As a vital aspect of pet grooming, flea control products are essential. If pets pick up fleas and ticks, they should be quickly removed and powders or solutions to prevent their recurrence must be used.

Regular grooming is an absolutely vital factor that contributes to the wellbeing and health of a pet besides its appearance; it also ensures that the dog is aware of the routine and the process leads to a healthy relationship between the owner and the pet. Some amount of daily grooming is a must and this can vary on factors like age of dog, breed of dog and health.

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