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The idea

This blog is a result of a vision that I had long carried and I finally gave it direction in 2011 with the creation of the platform. Way back in 2011, when I started, I was a naïve professional with little experience and a truck load of memories from my happy college days. In fact, my exposure to blogging happened when I was in college and ever since, things have just been picking up. I truly believe that blogging is an excellent way to connect with each other share ideas and to put it simply, make life easier for people.

Through River Of Knowledge, I look at the human life as an epic canvas where each incident has a different interpretation for different people. And it is out of this difference that myriad ideas arise that can help solve many of the problems bothering human life. My focus here to raise issues and topics that are closely connected to the human way of life and help people arrive at interesting solutions to be able to lead happier lives.

I welcome all my readers to come forth and participate on the portal to share ideas and solutions that can make our lives easier. My readers are also welcome to share their suggestions or feedback with regards to the blog.

The man behind the idea

I am Achal Mehrotra, a blogger by passion and an internet entrepreneur by profession. Blogging for me is first love because it connects me to people across the world. Seeing people talk about a variety of subjects, I purposely choose human issues as my focus and hope to achieve the purpose of making life easier with this blog.

Through River of Knowledge, I love to connect with my readers and look up to their comments on my work as a medium to improve as well as evolve.

Irrespective of your background, I assure you that this blog has valuable information that is sure to help you.