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OBC Internet Banking User ID Has Been Disabled – Now What?

If you are using Oriental Bank of Commerce’s internet banking facility, and you have forgotten your password for login into your account, then after 4 wrong attempts your user ID will be disabled.

This rule is created by the bank to stop online fraud activities.

Today my user ID of the OBC internet banking got disable, then I immediately called to customer care of the bank on the toll-free number: 1800-180-1235.

OBC Internet Banking User ID

The customer care representative told me that, I did not need to worry about the situation of user ID disabled.

He told me that, it will automatically re-activate within 48 hours.

After, 3 hours I went on the OBC’s net banking website again, and I had remembered my password again which earlier I had forgotten. I filled the information on the website to login into my account with the correct password.

After that, I was able to use my internet banking account again with the bank because user ID had been activated again automatically.

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