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Sunday, April 10, 2011

What Does Archive Mean in Gmail? - Take Some Knowledge

Gmail is an email service from Google in the world. Millions of people use Gmail daily to get access to their email accounts. However, lots of people do not know about all features of Gmail. They are happy with just to know about how to send an email and how to open a receive email.

Many people get confuse in Gmail when they see the “Archive” button in their Gmail account because they do not know what does achieve mean in Gmail and how they can take advantage from this service of Gmail.

Achieve function introduced by Gmail team, so that users of Gmail do not get confused about their emails. The main function of achieving in Gmail is; when you will get an email in your inbox, and you will mark this email as an achieve then this email will go to the folder of “All Mail” so that this mail can become safe for future propose so when you will need information about this email then you can easily access it from “All Mail” folder. 

In other words, we can say that to “Mark an Email as Read” you can use this function in your Gmail account easily. Actually, achieving a mail function is to reduce the conflicting situations in your inbox so that you can easily understand that which email you have read already.


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