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Friday, April 8, 2011

How to Make Smiley Faces On Facebook?

Facebook is a best social networking website available in this modern age. People are using Facebook from their offices, schools and homes. Everyone is addicting to Facebook. Millions of people use Facebook in every hour. This is a success of this site, which attracts everyone. Facebook is new internet culture for every generation of people.

Facebook does not allow users to post smiley and emotions on walls, messages and chat. This is very frustrating for people who are lovers of different emotions and smiley. It is sometimes very boring to chat in Facebook without cute emotions and smiley.

Now, you can also make smiley faces on Facebook for this you just need to download a free toolbar in your browser. After that you will be able to place different smiley and emotions on other people’s walls. While chatting with others you can also send different smiley and emotions to your friends, so they will shock, and they will surely ask the procedure how to make smiley faces on Facebook? ; So that you will seem to a unique person on Facebook, and your posts will get higher traffic than others because with smiley and emotions your posts on other people walls will surely look different.

With this toolbar, you can make the environment of Facebook is more enjoyable than ever. There are lots of emotions and smiley available in this toolbar.


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